“I have used City Drafters and Consultants expediting services for the last three years for our new 13 story mixed use commercial /residential building project. City Drafters and Consultants helped in a timely manner with NYC DOB consulting and expediting services in every construction phase including general construction, work permits sign off's CO's (Certificate of Occupancy), violation removal, mechanical, plumbing, sprinkler, permits, etc. I would recommend using City Drafters and Consultants for any and all DOB consulting and expediting services.”
Daniel Marraffini
Assistant Project Manager
US Rilin Corp, NY, NY
“Cro-International Inc. has been doing business with City Drafters and Consultants for a number of years now and it has always been a pleasure. City Drafters and Consultants has provided us with all expediting services and dealings with various city agencies from the beginning all the way through completion of the project. They helped us navigate through the sometimes complex process of dealing with NYC DOB and Landmarks Preservation Commission getting all work permits, Sign off's, C of O (Certificate of Occupancy), application preparation, plan exam scheduling and attendance, sidewalk permits stop work order removal, violations removal and all other filings and approvals. . We will definitely be looking forward to continuing our business with City Drafters and Consultants.”
Sinisa Vuk
Cro-International Inc.
855 Ridgwood Ave.
North Brunswick, NJ, 08902
P: 1-800-670-5580
F: 732-247-4780
“It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of reference for City Drafters Consulting and Epediting. I have been in Construction business for over 20 years and have a great deal of experience in the new buildings and renovation. I have also good fortune to work with some people from City Drafters Company. I can attest to the professionalism with which they consistently complete each project.
As president of the company, and person who overseas each site, City Drafters is not only the respolnsible, but extremely knowledgeable in al facets of architecture, expediting etc., and also have the “people skills”.
It is also worth noting that City Drafters has the distnication of completing the work ahead of time schedule.
I look forward to continuing my relationship with this Company, and recommend them very highly to anyone.”
RT Construction
Radonicic Tefko